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Modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of devices with various characteristics. Conventionally, they can be divided into several categories: Entry level. Among them are models with minimal collapsibility and maximum ease of operation; The average level. For those who are willing to devote more time to fashion, resulting in more tasty steam; High level. Often they require certain experience and skills from the user.

AAA How to choose an e-cigarette liquid You are holding your first e-cigarette.

View all products Due to the fact that the electronic smoking device is gaining popularity and is no longer a luxury item, manufacturers are actively expanding the variety of products. Mechanical mods are on sale, thanks to which you can steam and get a hookah effect during smoking.

How to choose a vape for a beginner? We select a good starting option

AAA How to choose an e-cigarette liquid You are holding your first e-cigarette. Perhaps you are on the road to abandoning regular cigarettes, succumbed to new trends, or decided to try something new.

The next step is to choose a slurry. At the initial stage of vaping, many have difficulties in selecting liquid for an electronic cigarette. The market is full of liquids of various brands, the price of which differs by an order of magnitude. You should not forget that the price does not always correspond to quality, therefore more often the most expensive liquid is not always the best. Find it at the our UK vape shop.

What is part of the fluid? Is steam safer than smoke? Yes, steam is an order of magnitude harmless than smoke. When vaping, enough harmful substances, such as carbon dioxide or carcinogens with resins, which are released when a regular cigarette is smoked, do not enter the body.

Regardless of the brand, the main components are present in any liquid: Glycerin VG - is responsible for the formation of steam and brings softness to the taste. The main component present in all liquids.

Propylene glycol PG - with its help, the remaining components dissolve, the liquid becomes dense, and taste characteristics are enhanced. This component affects the strength of the fluid.

Nicotine - strength depends on its content in a liquid. Flavors - bring the necessary flavor and aromatic properties to the liquid.

Present in all liquids. Dyes - are present in some liquids and give color and shade to a couple. Using liquids with dyes, you risk an allergic reaction, so be careful about the composition of the liquid you buy. When choosing a liquid, it is necessary to pay attention to three main criteria: It is worth noting that the higher the percentage of glycerol in the e-cigarette liquid, the thicker and more concentrated the vapor produced.

When propylene glycol dominates in the composition, the vapor cloud will not be so voluminous, but at the same time the taste will be felt much brighter and more saturated. For example, if you have an electronic cigarette in your hands with a subwoofer evaporator and winding for soaring voluminous clouds, it is better to consider liquids with a predominance of glycerol.

Can liquids be mixed? Of course yes! Experiment by mixing one liquid with another. Thus creating new compositions of tastes and experimentally reaching the concentration of the main components you need. This rule also applies to the nicotine content. No matter which cigarettes you smoke or smoke, it is best to start with a minimum dosage of nicotine so as not to get an overdose.

If the liquid seems weak to you, the nicotine content can always be increased by buying a liquid with a high percentage of nicotine in it and mixing it with yours to increase strength. Nicotine can be found separately in almost all stores at an affordable price.

But be careful not to overdo it with his concentration. How to choose the taste of liquid? There are a lot of different offers on the market, a variety of flavors from standard tobacco, for those who are used to regular cigarettes, to very unusual ones, such as celery, sausages or aroma of ravioli for those who are interested in trying everything in this life.

There are a lot of flavors and choosing among them is not easy. It should also be remembered that the aroma of the liquid can be pleasant and alluring, but the taste can be unbearable.

Read reviews on the Internet, based on the subjective opinion of other vapers most likely will not help - everyone has different tastes. The easiest and most effective way to choose a liquid is to try it yourself.

Some large stores selling vapes and liquids for them provide various flavors for free tasting before buying.

How to store fluid? Liquids or separately taken components should be stored in tightly closed jars and away from light. When buying slurries, be sure to check not only the terms of manufacture and storage, but also pay attention to the liquid itself.

The shelf life of almost all major fluid components is approximately the same. The only exceptions are flavors, which are of two types: Synthetic flavors have a longer service life due to the lack of natural components that are more prone to the development of yeast and microorganisms in them.

The latter appear due to the direct effect of sunlight and heat on the liquid, which destroy the structure of the flavor, changing its texture and color. Which, in turn, negatively affects the taste: Remember that in a cooler and darker place, the liquid for electronic cigarettes will retain its original properties longer.

Experienced vapers, when buying a large bottle, pour its contents into small containers. So it’s more convenient to store the liquid, take it with you, pour it into the vape and, most importantly, it is less in contact with light and oxygen, which is an oxidizing agent, reducing the life of the liquid.

When purchasing a liquid, always pay attention to its color, transparency. If visually the slurry began to change its properties, then the oxidation process began and, accordingly, taste qualities changed.

Vape - which is better?

Batteries for electronic cigarettes: But there comes a time when the steam worker switches to more serious devices that operate on removable batteries of various formats. And here a logical question arises: In specialized forums, often everything is clogged with incomprehensible terms, that sometimes you just want to hide in a corner with an old one and not stick out. Types of batteries Before you start choosing the perfect setup, you need to figure out what batteries are generally for electronic steam generators.

What to choose a smoker? Electronic Cigarettes, Vapes or IQOS

In those liquids that contain nicotine, there is also a nicotine base that determines the strength of the liquid. The composition of the nicotine-free liquids does not have a nicotine base. If we talk about the types of liquids for vaping, they can be classified according to the following criteria: As mentioned above, vg is a vegetable glycerin that is used for vaping slurry for the formation of fragrant vapor. Accordingly, the higher its concentration, the more vapor-forming is the vaporizing liquid. Propylene glycol pg is another component of vape liquids. He is responsible for the richness of taste, playing the role of a connecting element in the composition of the slurry for soaring.

How to choose a tank for vaping? 3 types of tanks

Vape replaces classic cigarettes, gives the same effect, but does not leave the smell of tobacco smoke on hands and clothes. Why use vape? Many people think vaping is a health-friendly replacement for cigarettes: But in fact, steam generators use it to quit smoking classic cigarettes or replace them with a hookah with different tastes. There are many types of additives on the market that allow you to choose a variety of flavors, from fruit to tobacco. Buyers believe that steam generators are much more pleasant to smoke than regular cigarettes, they do not leave a smell and do not affect breathing and general condition like real tobacco. How does vape work? The principle of operation of the device is in the battery. He feeds the spiral and heats it.

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