Vito,The Allen's, and Traveling Memories We Hold


R.I.P. Vito❤


We are the wanderers

The nomads on this soil

The storytellers with silver lining

Depicting every bit of faith thru turmoil. 

We sang of songs

Guitars in hand 

Letting none feel lost

In company of every good friend.

We wore our smiles

Through each of life's trials. 

Echoes of laughter

Harmonizung with hope

Never letting go- never running faster

Than our own strength could hold; 

As we hold on to every reason

Our souls feel kin to those

Who felt like home.

It was losing grip as time slips 

Into the past, never looking back

As all we truly had 

Was a gift with a twist,

The presence of the present, a piece of peace; even if it meant losing sleep,

We played the game of reality

Like a montage of a quest

Yet to be redeemed just so

We could believe in the existentialism

Of all of the intrinsic beauty yet to be seen. 

It was the gift of life

As simple as it was meant to be.


You are in every memory we cherish so heavily,

you are the silver lining within perfect timing,

you are the perfect mixuture of clumsy and grace

Always putting a smile on another friends face. 

You are the laughter making our hearts beat faster,

you are the wings that lift our spirits as we sing- songs of freedom

Always bringing us back home knowing

With you spirit within each of us we will never be alone.

Signed with love by every Allen you know,

rest in peace vito... Xoxo.

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