88 Keys in the May Breeze


The music resonated

88 piano keys- singing, 

lingering in the distance

complimented by the aroma 

of fresh made food for those in view.

This airport wasn't like many,

in fact, most layovers here have been anxiety packed

walking fast, hop the next train and time that never seemed to last.


Today is different

this whole experience was significant.

This whole week I learned to let go, and go-

confidently in a new direction I'd seldom ever been shown.


Perhaps that is why I've been stopped in my tracks,

an instrument so grand, a wooden frame, keys attached my the strength of a wire string,

two tones that predict the next echo, a touch along they keys, brought my mind at ease.


Time, finally felt like it was aligned.

No worries about the next flight

living in the present felt like a present I'd been waiting for all night.


And man oh man 

did he make those piano keys sing to my hearts delight.

Early for my flight and 88 keys played to live in the memories

in the airport that night.


And just like that

He was out of sight.



(Georgia, 2019)

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