Lehigh Sunrise


You know I've been meditatin

day n' night

visions of my future

looking so bright

gotta keep on my stunners

just to stay out of the light

and maybe that's just what my life's like.


You see, everywhere I go 

I've gotta reap what I sow

and maybe one day

I'll share my word

that no matter how absurd 

I'll follow my dreams and

this world will keep on and turn;

and there's more life lessons we're gonna learn.

It's no discern 

when life gives me lemons 

I'm just gonna churn, as some sugar, sip don't slurp-

it's a life worth living when you get what you deserve

do as I've learned start a new day and get back to work.



Lehigh Acres, Florida 2018

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