Telling Time: The Early 20's

As the roaring twentie's began to emerge,

the country had overcame the greatest war known to man;

though upon the horizon, corruption led from a government 

which propagated once more 'the end of times'.

This time, unlike the predictions of the Myan's calendar,

and far beyond the cinematic entertainment viewed on films,

the beginning of the end towards a new beginning emerged.

Bonnie watched with spite as the media coverage displayed a list

of everything needed to prepare for this foreshadowed turmoil. 

It was with no surprise that a great depression was on the rise.

Communities across the globe lived with fear and greed seeking 

all the supplies to get by, but none were truly the essentials one would 

need for such survival.

As her ballerina danced within it's box to the lullaby of a delicate song,

Bonnie had realized this war and predictible routine in her everyday life

over the recent nine years had gone on too long.

Ironic, how even though the fighting within the outside world had stopped

and the people of the towns began to give in, hope for somethign new ignited within.

Her family was healthy and her relationship and friendships lived strong,

but something about each predictible day drove Bonnie's imagination wild.

This gave fuel to every new poem written and a spark to fancy herself up for 

a night on the town when her so called lover wasn't around.

Turning off the television and heading out of her families quaint home, Bonnie

fixed her hair, applied a red pigment of matte gloss to her lips, grabbed the keys to

her father's Ford and headed out to town to meet with the girls.

It was just dusk as the city lights began to illuminate the sky. The streets seemed vacant 

compared to the image in her mind she had remembered prior night life to be like.

It was only a couple miles from home where Bonnie was able to find herself surrounded 

by the hustle and bustle of rebelious civilians- men drinking their scotch, women showing off, dancing,

and giving it all they've got. A smile widened across her face as she began to encumber the energy of this

hidden lively space. 

With the rise of the twenties on the way, and corruption on the media's display, it was few and far between

to have an opportunity to release. Merida and Elizabeth met Bonnie right on time dressed to the nines. Their soon-to-be husbands didn't

care much about what the ladies planned while they were bricklaying with the other men, as far as most knew the girls stayed at eachother's houses

on the weekends; but as for the locals, everyone who wasn't uptight went out on a Friday and Saturday night.

"Well, if you'd just look at this..." A couple well dressed gentlemen flashed their smiles and aquaintences to Bonnie and her friends,

knowing they might not be around for a long time, but they'd be the party of a lifetime until the very end. 

Dapper men like Gatsby were only a couple years away from creating a new trend and professing the dazzling excitement of open parties in this New Age; and well, those parties started on nights like today.

Bonnie watched as it didn't take long before her friends took the hands of those lush men, knowing their hopeless romance would be another story to console of how "Honey, he ain't nothin' but a good for nothin' friend".  But she enjoyed watching their ignorance lead into the momentary temptations' of bliss- that is was the present moment stood for right? A simple, momentary gift.

After life sprung within the dim lit party life, a ruckus broke out in the corner of the bar, spotlights didn't miss their chance to stay shined on the dancer's on stage, and who could blame those lighting men for being lost in the moment, with sequins and smiles like that, nobody could look away; but Bonnie's curiousity wandered as she headed the other way towards the couple of grungy local working men throwing fists just to get in. They got their way, grabbed a gin off the waiters' tray and proceeded aimlessly enjoying the view of the lively stage. Bonnie smiled as yet again, lustrous ignorance and a stubborn attitude for fun made for more energy in this night of day. Her gaze stopped as a couple of the girls she'd come to meet up with stumbled towards her with date's on their arms and neon lights flashing over their jewlery and charms; it was no doubt these ladies were just as beautiful as they could be- dressed to the nine's and fine as aged wine, new memories came and old worries of the corrupted world began to fade away. 

The saxaphone whistled loud and proud as the lead vocalist sang like a canary who'd just been released from her cage, the drums beat as loud as tom guns and rattled every heart in the room, getting everyone in the groove. 

A couple hours passed by the time the ladies sipped on their last glass and headed out on the arms of already forgotten names. Bonnie laughed as she had the bartender fill her another glass and smiled knowing she'd hear every detail come brunch the next day. Moments after a good portion of the club scene decided it was time to leave, Bonnie's attention was brought back to the fist-firey locals that made their ways in not long ago. It was clear their party, like Bonnie's, was still just marinating in the moment ready and waiting for more gasoline to ignight their fire.

"Late it is, and here you are" slurred one of the drunken grunged men, his eye's were glazed with more than just scotch and brandy, but he and his buddy stood with confidence as their proud smiles curled at the corners of their mouths. "Buck if you'd shut your mouth for once. Don't mind my brother, he's a light drunk." They weren't the most unkempt men she'd ever met, but they surely wouldn't be the type arranged to step foot into her familie's home with mud on their boots like that. Bonnie was observant enough to see they had keys to Ford's they surely couldn't afford in this day and age and grips of six-rounds and shining hammers peeking above their hips. This view wasn't anything new in such an age, it's likely one would want to protect themselves with the way the streets and stores were filled with craze and with enough people around with bar men and women around theis wasn't a place to feel dangered. Their suspenders were twisted but something about their rugged confident charm intrigued Bonnie.  The smart mouth brunette stepped forward offering the next round on him, his slick tongued buddy who happened to be his brother stepped aside, distracted by a blonde dancing with a group of her friends beyond the bar, he obviously didn't have much of an attention span to last another hour or two for the night. "Come here often?" He asked. "That the best you've got?" Bonnie scoffed as though not impressed a man of his stature would approach such a shinin'-nine gem as herself. "Well, you're smart enough to not feed his appetite for the night, ignorance is bliss ain't it?" Bonnie laughed, thinking how the girls she were with lived just as jovial as this young Buck and were just as content living without regret. "Clyde." He stuck out his calloused oil stained hand out for a shake. "Bonnie" She held her manicured hand out as he embraced with with a gentle hold of his hand and warm kiss, the charm twinkled in his eyes as he looked up, his lips leaving warmth shiverin along her wrist.

Another hour of small talk passed before Bonnie made her way back to her father's Ford and headed home.

It was 1 am, and upon arrival, her mother sat in the living room, news on and a blanket covering her lap as she continued to crochet. 

"Fun time with the ladies?" She giggled, knowing her daughter couldn't have possibly just have been at Merida's house like she said she would-

considering every Friday night Merida and Elizabeth's mothers' would come over for supper as they'd find their daughters weren't slumbering at eachother's houses like they'd say. There were eye's all over town, and it wasn't hard to figure out the ladies were safe as long as they stayed going to the local speakeasy that just about every young adult and millenial would gather at. It was a dull time with the economy as bad as it was and Bonnie and her family lived a strict life; her mom was young once, and before she'd see her daughter move on to an arranged new life, it was only fair to let her and the girls enjoy their fun. "Remember, you'll be meeting the dressmaker tomorrow at dawn, if you get your hair in rollers tonight you'll have time to make brunch with the girls right after. You know I love you, sleep tight." Bonnie gave a cheek to her mom for a goodnight kiss and headed to the shower where she'd be sure to rest well and be ready for tomorrow's plans. It wasn't like Bonnie dreaded attending every arranged wedding, nothing was of surprise to their families when near about everything in life seemed to have been planned for a good three years in advance. This wasn't quite the kind of highlights in life she'd been dreaming of. Her story played out that she knew her husband was always 'the-one' but nothing he did ever made her feel kept sacred from him and his work driven mission. Bonnie had a desire to be center stage in life, spotlight, famous for her gifts and known in history for everything she did right. These circling thoughts were just part of the routine to help her fall asleep at night; and per usual, a good slumber followed. The alarm buzzed waking Bonnie from her lucid dream, something about that Clyde resonated in her mind overnight of his rugged mudded outfit, captivating smile, and rich brown hair shagged fallen over his hazel eyes. Her mother was nothing short of on-time for the day's arrangements, everything fell into place as planned, as it did every day for the next several months.

It was mid June and Johnathan wasn't around much. She stayed with her mother until the honeymoon would take place that August and thereafter the finalization of a new home would be paid forth and the two newly weds would start anew. What a life she visioned with him, becoming like most other women she'd known: nestled at home, meeting for brunch, discussing the media's latest hunch, and tending to their home until their man arrived in time for supper and and long slumber before heading to work again over the road. Bonnie's mind lived unconventional the the next, she'd always imagined herself as something more, perhaps not like those dancers' in their shimmering riskay red dress as the bar's monthly best, but upon a stage, front page, published with her maiden name; she lived for love but felt there was something more to live for.

Leaving brunch one June afternoon, not a moment late and not a week too soon, she'd gotten a glimpse of a view of a man walking into the men's watch shoppe across the street who looked all too faintly familiar. She walked with curiousity and confidence as she had no reason to be entering such a place, but she proceeded anyway. Her hunch was right- aimlessly walking around, staring beyond the glass case she laughed as she bumped into a handsome stubborn face who was trying to barter a price all too low for the value of the watches for sale. "Come here often?" The local turned to her with a furrowed brow that solemnly eased up when meeting her eyes. "Is that the best you've got?" He waved and exclaimed a dull pun "another time" to the teller as he opened the door for Bonnie and began to walk aimlessly around the small town.


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