Such a Classic

aligned Thoracic

Decending from the herd

leaving the dozen

one leader takes the turn

curved lessons learn;

synapse sent, events' content

irrelivant to the contempt 

vertebrael column left exempt.

Another perineurim 

hard to the core 

actin in action 

sending signals to the floor.

schwann cell consideration,

nerve root stimulation,

the EMG might help me as-

myotomes let me go

being one with the ebb and flow.

Flexion releasing tension,

strike another pose

flexin' from head to toe

it's all about letting- go -

let the source know.

Connected to the foramen

anterior and posterior form

to conform and perform again

in their band of bunger

striving and thriving with hunger

as neuron hits' the stage once more.

Myelin lives healing over time again

passing on in the axon.

All is right with the dendryte

ready to show muscular contraction

living with intent and action

sensing cervicle ascension, it's passion-

connecting to the lumbar

grounded with reconnection

this columns' a collection

with no disgression

time is lapsin' as I regain traction

and regenerate -accepting fate.

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