L'amour dans St. Paul de Vence


I can remember him

as vivid as a lucid dream

like a memory 

of our favorite movie scene.

We roamed the lands of France

all roads lead to St. Paul de Vence.

Hurricanes of happiness

our laughter was his favorite ambiance.

We'd meet at our most rehearsed place to be

Southeast of the french riveria

next to le galerie;

chasing eachother around

this historic little town;

suspenders looking splendid

as my dress flowed in the wind.

Alluring, the ways of his love

knowing we were each other's only one.

Another lap amongst the historic cobble streets

la grand fontaine, our favorite place to meet.

Hide and seek through the markets' corridors

medievial structures of brick

covered in ivy from sky to floor.

I'd laugh and stumble

he'd catch me once more

jumping upon la fontaine

he'd tip his hat and zestfully sing to me

disrupting the townsmen- 

we were just kids' in love, back then.

That was a feeling

I could never forget

so strange how this person

is one of this life yet to have been met.

Searching the inter-web just to find

this one particular fountain

that holds these scenes in my mind.

Memories from centuries ago

there are just some things 

the mind won't let go, a treasure

my heart held safe- and kept-

replaying these scenes in dreams, like a memory

perhaps this was the greatest love

of the 18th century.

All roads lead to St. Paul de Vence

avec mon petit cheri, hand in hand.

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