Right at the Wrong Time


Don't tell me what to do

it's been 10 years

then out of the blue

you want to shed tears

now you want to come through

How did you think this would turn out?

Do you even know who the fuck I am now?

You want a family-

have I let you down?

Strong on my own

how do you like me now?

Now lets turn this around-

new ilfe new town

with a smile on my face 

you want me around.

Can't face the truth?

Who let who down?

A smile for the Faith

facing a life so fake

passions' in fashion 

so you look my way;

happiness is golden 

when faith keeps me sane

But things will never be the same.

You want me in your life 

but you ain't in sight

you want me by your side

but turns out we don't get that

nah, not in this life.

It just doesn't feel right.

Another day, another dime.

A good Idea then I'm in the lime-light

Yeah this is my life 

stuck in my mind

They look up to me for answers

now you want to ake things right

how right is a life with lies?

Feel the pain I feel inside?

Guess that's why you like to hide,

guess that's why we both cry

always want to make things right

But now I'm out of sight-

Guess that's what happens when

you hurt the right person

at the wrong time.

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