Perhaps, maybe 

they're just seeing it all wrong

perhaps, maybe 

they've got their beer goggles on

perhaps, maybe

it's just another broken record

trying to play a song

trying to get along

trying to write a line and 

leaving out the lost love-

it's gone.

Gone in the wind, 

lost in the sins,

gone with the good words

and all the could have beens.

Perhaps, maybe 

they're readin it all wrong

perhaps, maybe 

they relate all along,

perhaps, maybe 

it was a lie all along

trying to hold on

dying to get along

living just to hold on.

Hoping and praying

disillusion center front stage

remembering the old ways

calling the old names

wishing for the same thing

missing a link for a broken chain.

A broken chain, holding pain

break the shakles,

start a new day

nothing will be the same

it's nothing just bottled pain

it's nothing but insane

trying to mend something 

that was broken since the first day.

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