Ridin' Steady Let's Go



shocked to believe this.

Auras on explore 

as we whelve deep in this-

energetic twist 

serene moments of bliss

fireworks that light up this scene

with this plot twist, you and me.

Ride or die? Now we're full screen,

bout to make a book 3, just so they

can continue to read the greatest love story

loyal is Clyde with his Bonnie, another dynamic team

a romantic duo- taking the lead role.


"Here's a lesson to those who wish to read

another moment's a chance;

go on and dance your dance,

go play that song and get lost in hopefull romance."


Carpe diem, mon petit cheri.

Knowing to come home you've held onto their memory

our souls hold each memory, heartbeats set pace for the melody

another shot on the soundtrack of the theme, 

ride or die and you feel it inside, silencing my mind with one touch as it screamed-

calling you home.

Ride or Die, Ready Set Go.

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