Letter to nONE


I went back to the leather jacket

and turned on Arkells 

blasting out the speakers

I became nostalgic as I remembered 

what I've done to become me,

a letter signed with love,

to a certain special

"not my someone".

Eyes painted black

daisy dukes, ripped in the front

daisies stitched on the hip,

matching the tattoo I now have.

Each letter a memory to an unloved one

striving to get past, as they live stuck in my

past; penpals, forbidden lovers, and 

just good friends, looking for you and 

what could have been; Just to learn the lesson

was part of our plot twist, a blessin'

nourishing myself for what's to come next,

a new flower, every pedal for faith and hope

to believe and let go.

I don't regret ever step I took along the way

to figure out who I truly was 

it's a lesson for the self and

the main man above.

Now's time to come back and meet me

ride or die still lives inside

ready to completely Be 


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