She named herself Dorris


13 Reasons

I should have stayed in place

13 countries 

that made her this way

84 tears I could have cried today

84 years 

including the time she decided to stay..

I couldn't fear

when she walked my way

covered toe to ears

in dolphin jewlery.

With eyes as blue as the oceans she'd play

We sat as peers 

in that Dunkin' lobby;

exclaiming our trials and fears-

the highlights that brought us here

the simple sentiment had me internally sobbing.

Only sips away from the bottom of the brew

another nibble of a bagel before we'd say adieu.

"Plenty young with a life left to live"

"good shoulders" was the compliment to me she'd give.

I needn't feel older

as she'd been so full of young life at her age

I felt more sober

as her hand tremoured with excitement

as she continued to talk that to me today.

Her troubles had been many

but her redemptions rejoyced more the plenty

bravery is the Key, doesn't matter who calls you crazy.

From climbing to the top of the Great Wall

with a panda cub on her hip,

to making it halfway up Machu Picchu

before the altitude pressure kicked in.

There was so much more than just her good aura

it was connecting with a familiar soul

realizing more of what I needed to hear

was one stranger away and a good listening ear.

I noticed the "D" enscripted upon her golden necklace

irony for one whom's name I could already sense.

But that birth name made no difference

when she told me that letter

meant more than it could represent

no Mary nor Mother of sorrows,

just a youthful soul living for today and tomorrows.

Surrrounded in pink energy 

as she told me she stood against religion

but lived for the way of peace and something to believe in.

In tough times for light 

always living for something 

because in the midst of nothing

our troubles will take flight.

There'd be only one name in those times she'd call upon

her beloved "beautiful husband, Tom"

may he rest in peace

asking for a message from St. Jude- to help carry on

to live without struggle, just to be at ease.

I learned a lot on this spontaneous coffee break

when going to do this was a chance I was willing to take.

But one thing I'll never forget 

as she wished me "have a healthy life"

the woman I may here forth miss,

speakin her name as though I already knew

and I wish you a happy healthy life, too

thank you for embracing the present a true Gift

my beloved new friend who said:

"I don't go by Delores, I named myself Dorris".

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