In MY Hand


I hold a fairy here in my hand

I looked down and saw her land

I see a tear there in her eye

As if she's asking me why


I'd answer but what can I say

How did she come to be this way

How she came to be here in my hand

I wish that I could understand


She is so pretty light and fair

What a joy it is to see her there

I wish I could keep her but I know

Back somewhere she has to go


I know someone waits for her

Of that one thing I am sure

I wish she could stay and play with me

But I don't that think could come to be


But on my bed I see my fairy book

As at my book I stop and look

I see the fairy she's there

On the cover pretty bright and fair


So from my book she came to be

But how that is I just can't see

Did she come because I want her too

Is that something that I can do


From it's pages did I her steal

DId I make her somehow real

Is she here to play with me

Could that ever come to be


I know that we would have fun

Playing  out here in the sun

So many things we could do

If we could play could it be true


Could she be a brand new friend

Time together could we spend

I'll keep her in within my book

I'll find her there each time I look


She'll be there to be with me

So much fun we'll have you see

From the book I'll take her each day

And together we will learn to play










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