A Grown Man


Its hard to watch a grown man cry

See the tears spill from his eyes

To know his pain goes so deep

All thats left to him is to weep


To leave is not his choice

But in this he has no voice

He shakes his body reels

So much pain inside he feels


He clings to the one who feels his pain

The woman who is slowly going insane

The one who shares his tears with him

The woman losing her best friend


One whose been with him all these years

One whose shared his joys and his fears

Oe whose been right there by his side

With him she has shared life's ride


They cling together so in love you know

That with him she'd choose to go

But life won't offer her the choice

In this she truly has no voice


She will have to sit and hold his hand

Whisper good bye try to understand

Why he has to leave her now

Why his life must end and how


She will be there to see him through

To offer him her love so true

To hold his hand try not to cry

To whisper to him a last good bye






























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