Raised by Cynics

I was raised in a family

that's the furthest 

thing from one.


I wasn't "raised",

I was brought down

until I was buried.


There was no love there;

my heart doesn't even 

know the meaning. 


My blood runs black,

my soul tarnished

by my rusty roots.


I'm not their daughter;

I'm their slave,

shackled to their fault-finding.


Controlled by their words,

bound to their opinions

and confined to my mistakes.


I can run a million miles,

but I find myself

still at their will. 


Stuck under their thumb,

crushed by the weight

of a damaged lineage.


Generations of cynics

and here I am 

serving their sentence.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Muddy Water" by Harper Grae

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