Tributes to Lovers

You put too much
stock in my love.
For what do
I have to offer?


You loved before
I even knew what love was;
you showed me
what love was.


I used to think
I was hard to love;
you made it look easy,
almost involuntary.


But I have to make a effort,
every day,
to put your needs
ahead of my own.


And I'm trying,
but sometimes
my love feels empty,
full of self-pity.


But then you remind me
of your love,
it fills my heart
to overflowing.


And all my flaws
I tried to hide,
you want to bring them
into the light.


You give me
the confidence
I had buried inside
beneath all my insecurities.


My shadows
don't scare you,
and my madness
draws you in.


You saved me when
I was broken;
you make me better
and want to be better.


And I am a new person
having met you
and changing every day
while being loved by you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

CFP- 11 Months <3

Inspired by: "Easy" by Camila Cabello

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