Thoughts Never to Make a Sound


It is both a blessing and a burden.


To be destined, is to be powerless.


Where there is nothing, there is much to gain.


It is my destiny,


To be strong while, easily hurt;


To believe then question everything;


To change yet, always be stubborn;


To be goal oriented but never truly finish;


To care and somehow be sarcastic;


To be honest however, cruel;


To be intelligent but not practical;


To be successful yet, one’s own antagonist;


To be grateful and disrespectful;


To listen but never be heard;


To imagine while always in darkness;


To be a problem with no solution;


To give correction causing annoyance;


To sympathize then truly hate;


To live with logic in a world with no sense;


To be good but always wrong;


To thrive while failing;


To be loved but never whole;


To best intent, but never understood;


To see commonalities but, be the only one of my kind.


I am destined for the perfect life dreamt of, without any happiness.


Destiny is not my own.




Perhaps, if it were... I would be anything else.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ever feel indecive about your own emotions? In a constant struggle to define who you are?

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