Mother, Mother

In the beginning of time, amongst many gods was a lonesome bird goddess who felt sorrow for her once lost child. Attempting to end this feeling, she promised herself to hatch her perfect baby, one which she would protect and care for with all her will. And so, her egg came to life, and she named him Earth. However, she never understood how hungry and needy her hatchling would be.

“I’m thirsty, I’m thirsty. Won’t you give me something to drink mommy?”, begged her little Earth.

“Anything for my baby”, said the goddess, as she ruffled her feathers and called upon the giving rain.

But that wasn’t enough, Earth kept asking for more and more with endless thirst.

“Oh Fish, please, my poor son in thirsty, could you gift me a stream of your fresh water?, pleaded the bird to the other god. The god complied and gifted Earth with his streams and rivers. The baby in return grew bigger and bigger, but so did his hunger, as he never seemed to be completely satisfied. Earth cried and cried, his salty tears pooling inside of him as vast seas and oceans formed within.

“Mama, mama, I’m freezing. Please keep me warm, this water is too cold.” demanded Earth. Compliant, the bird flew to the nearest star and begged for some of it’s flares.

“Please oh bright star, can you gift me some of your warmth for my baby?”, the star agreed with the pleading mother and gave her a small core for her child. Land and mountains formed on its surface, sheltering the growing Earth.

“Oh Mother, oh mother, it’s too hot inside of me. I’m feeling sick, please help me, I can’t breathe!”, wailed the child. The worried bird flapped her wings and blowed on her son, creating winds and currents to ease Earth’s suffering. Still, tired as she was, the goddess blew too strongly and her baby grew cold again.

“Mommy, mommy, why are you making me cold again? Don’t you love me?” cried the ungrateful Earth.

“I love you, my hatchling. I’m too tired and didn’t notice. Don’t worry, I’ll make you warm again” squeaked the mother. Again she went to plead with the nearest star. But the old being would not give anything more to the unruly child. Displeased with the response, the bird tried to move her child closer to the star to warm him up. However, she soon realized that her selfish son would not move a foot on its own. Blinded by love, she flew over to the smallest star and pushed it near Earth. Focused on her task, the goddess didn’t recognize her own burning feathers, and fell onto her fully grown son.

“Mother stop, I’m warm again. Please rest, you’ve done enough”, implored the son. He realized he asked too much of his mother, and was now convinced on returning the favors. While she rested, her son grew forests to shelter his mother and any other tired god. He revolted around the star to lull the beings sleeping within him. His grateful mother continued to create life within her son. That way, when she finally left to be with other gods, her son would never be lonely. He had learned to care for others, like his mother had cared for him.


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Also written by Regina Villareal

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