The Woman you seek

I feel left behind
She went to chase her dreams of animation and fine arts
I feel a sense of praise and understanding
But still I miss her
I definitely miss her
Is it foolish wanting to hear her voice
I'm just an acquaintance, if not that
Still the void resides
Is it wrong wanting someone in your arms, even if they do not think of you
I do not hold her on a pedestal
My mind is just twisted and folded by what it wants
Drowning in the flames of ones desire
It feels useless to ask, it feels useless to fantasize
Can I hold you, I want to hold you
Laying my head in the perfect bliss
Sweetheart I you read this message of passion
You know who you are
As you capture the heart of a dreamer
Pictures of you in my mind during slumber
I am the hopeless fool
Hearing silver saxes, a radiant bassline, harmonies of angelic voices, and a drumbeat of the heart
In a gothic, beauties moonlight ambience
Holding onto a woman your impulse seeks

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