Sons of Beelzebub

Call forth the war
Call forth a cunning shroud of aptitude
Bring down the damnation
Extinguishing the virtuous spender
Thy father of darkness, brightness
Let me call forth the dawn of a new era
Bringing down satire upon the blaspheme
Draining their wretched sublimeness
Build thy father’s tower of the begetter, in submissive
A shield that withstands the hostile ill-natured
Thou shall remain unbreakable, Thou shall remain blistering
For they cannot counter
Thy spirit, thy last breath, thy essence shall not be swallowed by the fury and flames
The scorcher of the skies, the quake of the earth
Let the light you hold glide across the lands
Hear me now and engorge my words, so life of all ether can concord
Upon the heaven gates and upon the magnified perdition
The principle forces that you wield binds are hands creating elasticity
Bringing obedience upon enormous power
Purify the bitterness upon lost souls
To stand free, calling on a brighter invocation

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