Dog who loves nature

Dog who loves nature

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The sun rises every morning and gives that special brightness to the magnificent tree over the hill, who spread its glow on the entire valley, filling it with beauty and life. From that point at the top of the hill, you can see how the flowers raise their heads, crowned with colorful petals, perfuming the day; you can hear the direction of the blue river go down the hill through the valley, saying hello to everyone who lives there. The grass is dancing with the air a lovely whistle song. There is a town downriver, a few miles from the hill, where many different kinds of dogs live, where Dago stands out for his leadership.

Dago is a wise dog who has many years living in the community with all his animal brothers. They all live there, peacefully and in perfect balance.


There is a big, old tree, with many branches, green leafs and as tall as the hill it sits on. It has been there for centuries, with many generations of animals revering it over the years. It is the mother of them all, the bringer of all life and their sustenance through the fruit it provides, Mother Nature they called it. They only take what they need, and return to the cycle of life when they die and feed the soil in which this tree thrives.


One day, Dago found a cat by the riverside, unconscious and in bad condition; it was strange as he never saw a cat before. His instinct told him to be cautious, but his good nature showed up and he took this new creature to his town where he nurtured him back to full health with the tree’s delicious fruit.


A few months later the cat settled by the hill and brought many of his cats friends along, they also liked the fruit very much and its rich nature allowed them to grow and spread. Over the course of a few years, they had become larger and the fruit was not enough, so they started hunting the animals like mice and ate them; they needed more water and depleted the river; they needed more houses and started cutting the trees… When they ran out of trees they went for the one over the hill… Mother Nature was in danger. She called Dago and asked him for a favor – Take these seeds, spread them with the help of your brothers over the world. They will create new ecosystems (animals and vegetation) that can sustain by themselves. However, be careful with the cats, once they realize about those new places, they will come after all of them, to satisfy their desires. So eventually that is how the rivalry of dogs and cats started.

The moral of the story is that we need to change our habits if we want to still have a world to live in, and take care about what Mother Nature give us.

G. G.


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