My Vagrancy

Love & Connection

I walk through the same door again

And I know I have seen this room before

I am traveling in circles, without an end

That explains my reluctance to walk through this door


So I stand on the threshold

Waiting to see if I must enter

Since I despise its floor that’s persistently cold

And I know what my fate will be

Once I reach the center


I beg for the door to shut,

Sending me back in the prior direction

And from there I return to the repetition

Knowing the return is inevitable


I turn to run back to my home

Only to find it is vacant

While in denial, I roam

And look for pieces of hope that’s distant


I lay in its emptiness,

Speaking into the distance

Though I know communication is hopeless

When one is gone in an instant


I beg and I plead into the void

Hoping for some reaction

Yet all I hear is the white noise

And I know I must turn in the next direction


Defeated, I drag my feet back to that notorious door

And step over the welcoming threshold

I reach the center, growing sore

Knowing I must stay there till I am no longer cold


But when I leave this space,

I never say goodbye. Because I know I will see it again soon.

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I like how this could mean a

I like how this could mean a number of things and therefore relatable to many people.  Good write.