FREE ORGIES



   Baby nothing is typical about you,

Break my bones and my heart,

Shatter like blooded mirrors,

Pieces of memories,

Sweet surprises!


But we not different you and me,

Pornography sound like phonography!

Tattooed in my head,

All those orgies,

Today finally free!


Silk sheets over my cold flesh,

69 is the number of hotel room,

Just call me and I shall please you!

Don’t forget the cash,

Nothing is free, baby!


They shall forgot about me soon,

So shake me to the sky,

Light the stars in my eyes,             

And the rain runs over my cheeks!

Nothing more nothing less!


Soon I should falls to amnesia,

To emptiness where I belongs,

Nothing was ever there,

Tables has turned,

Hope fades away….



          Copyright@ Herve Naudet dit Margot 2014.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

time to go to work...