Time runs through my fingers, like sand of some forbidden lands,
Where all seems so peaceful but I wonder if such a place does exist?
Maybe you could help me, guide me, and be my eyes so I may see…
A world encapsulated it into a catalyst inside my perpetual dreams,
The end is always so close when I open my eyes to the morning dews…

I don’t mind listening the same song a millions times, if it is for you,
I could walk mountains and swim oceans, to find you again.
But all what is left is mourning words to the pages, mourning what?
My soon ending or beginning? So many questions, I am so used to it!
This game has no end or senses, just a sickly twist!

And the geisha boy has won tonight, the whore is out!
The saint is crawling to the feet’s of his silence faith!
Cruel has it might seems, this is how I feel when you slam the door to me!
And there are no romantic songs who can wipe the tears away,
Stones and blood, this is the island I found refuge from your preying eyes!

Don’t believe the things, they say…
Because I know I don’t need any helps,
I made my mind, I could have never push the blade,
So I choose the next exit to freedom,
Six foot’s under, the true sun, the reality of it all!

Kiss me till it hurt, till I bleed,
So you know, I am for real,
And not another painting on your deceptive walls!
Baby, I was never really good to anything,
I blossom in misery, don’t you know…


Author's Notes/Comments: 

The saint is crawling to the feet’s of his silence faith!


as if!!!!

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