Daddy incest, spider legs on my belly button!

Give me the seed of life, the one who create me!

Mother lips on my innocence flesh,

Well done, you create the beast,

The one who shall kill you!


I painted my lips with blood,

Smiling on the shatter mirror,

This glass of memories, remember!

Cunt playing with you my memories!


So tell me if you see her?

Tell me if you see him?

Love me or vomit me!

My body is a doll,

Let play!


Ask my number,

Ask my address,

Just don’t ask my name,

I am the ether,

The purity of whore!


One more pill,

Is dangerous game?

So why don’t madness,

To silly games,

I have chosen the end, forgive me!


   Herve Naudet Dit Margot @ copyright 2014.

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