It is a perfect day for,

Dancing on your grave.

Forget about the stealing quotes.

YOUR WORDS on toilette papers,

While pondering about your next gang bang,

Time to wipe my ass,

No chrysanthemums,

No plastic flowers,

Rubbers  passions,

Was it your saggy breast?

To attract both, one for each?

And she was crying like a child,

Who has been stole her lollipop,

Suck and spit your words.

Or simply choke on the earth,

You play again, the duchess,

The one who like to be fuck,

Pretending like rubber passions,

She was the victims,

Told u secrets kills!

Thank for the news.

The queen is dead,

Long the king!

Today is a perfect day,

To dance/ rape upon your grave,


Author's Notes/Comments:

You never know what you want, last night you ask for  peace,  which i was delighted to have from you, after being accused/ lies off, insulted it, for whatever reason is inside your head at the time.

 and if you think i am the kind to take u escrements/ batardises results , u got me wrongs!

so i will ask kindly, lovely lady, sweet comptempt poet, leave me alone, because i am starting to enjoy this, let play Peace and War, if you want but don`t be so sure u might win, like you enjoy trying to scare me (boo boo boo) i am so scare, leave it but  i kow u, u will want the last world, like the last penetration, at least i enjoy them. and don`t hide anything.

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