PISSING ON THANSGIVING.                              




The devil stole the pen to the almighty,

I heard U.S.A celebrate this week,

Thousand torture for petrol,

Make me throw up your foods,

All those turkeys, stuffs with their egos,

What are you celebrating?

I mean not the history part…

Who care when kids starve in Iraq,

Do you have any shame!

Your believes, your soul, your fading flesh?

I hate Christmas and all those hypocrisies,

Fools spend your money, your deserve it,

And if the little voice tell you,

In your head, is for my children’s,

You are even more foolish,

Then I thought!


I know, is it all going to make it perfect?

No more voices?

No more evil ugly elfs,

Acquaint about what to do,

I have right too, sweet angel,

Don’t you think I know what your game is!

Cruel, so can i!


Please yourself, I got more blogs to finish,

Eat to your future heart attack,

But I could post all the fake promises,

All the cold words, I hate Christmas!


Remember the ones, whom inspire you,

The dead, the one you turn your face too,

Am I am suppose to slapped you?

You don’t even ever deserve it, coward,

The one who is so scared to show

Her real face!


Christmas is murder,

An excuse to be together,

Once in a year,

And the farce will be back,

And you bleeding hands,

Will be the ones,

To fills the dead creature!



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eat, eat, eat

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