Time is luxury, illusory for the busy mind…

I am of those who are suspended in mid-air,

Pull through the ferocious wind of past, present and future,

Waiting, paralyze by fear and lost of all,

I wake up .Still short while floating to oblivion,

I found my spirit lying,

Like a dog waiting to expire his last breath,

As the day fade away…


The night will be the same book,

So often open and left abandoned to the same page,

Cripple by depression and turmoil,

Silence killers,

Which I expect to find on my deadly doorsteps,

Knocking upon the frozen widows of the soul,

To reach me once and for all...


Upon my mouth I feel their kisses,

Cold and leaving me bruises,

I am off those of I have lost faith and love,

Hoping for better or worse,

Does it really matter?

Do I care? I wish…

This broken web,

Was once your nest and comfort!


So I drink to forget,

So I smoke to eat,

And sleep to find peace!

We are one, we are the decline,

The sunrise and the mourning of sunset,

The beach before the tycoon!

Slowly and surely!

Maybe or never… 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

anothe happy poem, 2006 was a very special year, for personnal reasons.

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