church of pleasure

take me to your church of pleasure,
where i can kneel and peel away my sins,
and walk again free,
to some sinful road of mine!

accomplice of my decadence,
i pray to your glory...
fill with your grace,
spit out from my darkness!

i hold the chain of christ,
talking to emptyness,
my heart fill with holiness,
caged in your sacred house...

i bend afront of your naked body
like a dog i am...
common mortal,
child of your...

the light passing through,
never seem to reach my soul!
instead with humility,
i hide behind the shadow of your cross!

my eyes fix upon your bleeding heart,
i feel the blood pouring through my wrist!
lying in a pool of my own,
i swim in my passing life...

time is running away,
obscurity taking hold of my sight,
the crucifix slowly disintegrating,
i confess before i expire!

your stare never moves,
your angels never fly!
can`t you see i am dying,
into your church of pleasure...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

the house of the Lord

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