PART 4 POISON CHURCH me… The dead’s are always right, the livings are often problematical!

                                         POISON CHURCH me…



      The dead’s are always right, the livings are often problematical!


Is it not already painful to listen their Ave Maria in the lord house: poison church?

Too late for prayers, when the seeds of their presences was needed, only days away, silence and denied bounce back to me!


The gospels was often, too often medical prescriptions.

The sanitarium has turns to sanity, lies to magical spells, ashes to reality!


They are all seating’s upon the bench of the victim, clenching to their moralistic bibles, pressing hard the manuscript of your story, fragmented pieces of some encapsulated memories, waiting for the sendoff…


This is not the ending but the beginning, of what you, all shall choose to make out!

And if I knows all your deepest secrets please don’t blame me, well not until you knows my true relationship with them, those corpses, once vibrating with passion in your arms.

This child begging for the love of his parent, too busy to escape from the ageing hands calling him.


And if every so often, I manipulated, I was the shadows of him, never would I have dreams to be his voice, the module of the DNA of his story!

For so long I had no identities or even a face, and if I had promises to tell all it is only fair, I reveals my existence!

You staring at the stain on the marble stone, contemplating me!

One being, for so long not even this ghostly image!


And if I am not certain what I am about to discloses, about each one of you. Morality can be measure by his loss, the events shall prevails, cut open so you can realize his life was dedicated to you, all of you that is…


The ones who loved him, the ones who hated him, even you, who felt jealousy or envy, in every aspects, he did loved everyone’s ones of you!

As for you, who robbed him from life, he only had pure love and blessings…


Exhausting puzzles…

Margot, Pearl are one…

Aden, you are the pen and be prepared to be convicted, crucified for be the only one, to confess their sins, the sordid details!

But if I choose you there is also a reason, which you shall comprehend too when you shall be finish this labor of love and hate!


Those words were the first ones, he told me, when he appears in my life, typical of him, always had to, what I long believe the product of some twisted mind, was only to hide the true but most of all to protect us all…



   Seating on the edge of the balcony, my vision lost in the sunset, the end of one day, what happens? I cry your tears, my blood and flesh, what I have done?

Intimacy and secrets are my accomplices until we meet again!

Nude in this evening I surprise myself that you still here…


In your eyes, I saw myself, but the silence was the only response, this love is no like an ordinary love darling.

The videos shall be soon on line, your voice begging for mercy, this is our story, a small note, exception, rebelled!


The phone does not ring, the room is empty and I could swear I can smell your perfume, tricks of the memory!

Cherries blossoms, pink petals fallings to the ground, sanctify, cherish, better to stop here, forgive me…..





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