When I was a little girl, the true was a white straight line.

One way to heaven, a single flame shining inside my darkness!

How can someone be so wrong, if you ask me…?

The night it happens, I would not be able to tell you the events, even less the eeriest details!


If anyone’s could actually still taste something, it would be a cocktail of bitter lies, beauty staring back to the shatter mirror of ugliness, who was about to splatter the celluloid screen!

Or was it the eyes of the needle, peek it boo at me and you?


Do you actually understand my monologue, which is all I am, except that little girl?


Pieces, puzzles, parodies, comedies, legends maybe? Let push it even further, myth and illusion!


Love is the spice to keep you warms to the next chapter!

But then again, there is always an “if”!

I have no recollection of the hours before I expired, you are the only ones, who can put the missing pieces together.


Silence should have been my middle name, stardom robbed it from me! Guilty as charge!

The pick of fantasies, so many hands laid upon me, so many finger me to the top!


How this could happens?

When all you recalls of your existence can hold inside a box of pills!

Maybe these were the evidence’s, sweet cocktail made of the blood of Christ and molecules shinning like angels’ wings!

I was already unconscious to confess the introduction of that evening…


It all began when they found me, lying down on the City Lake, blue lips, platinum hairs spreads like medusa, my name was Margot….




Author's Notes/Comments: 

GooD to BE back, took a while to do my mourning, MARGOT has passed away BUT he has asked me and PEARL to reveals the true........................