Anger is the root cause of many falling sick,
Check on anyone who is ailing for long,
Anger in him, you will definitely pick

Anger can be bursted outward or suppressed inwards
When it is pulled inwards,
Stress and depression, one moves towards

Why are we getting angry so often?
Don’t we understand holding anger; we are moving faster to our coffin

What have you bought in the world to lose?
Do your work, do your duty, enjoy the present moment,
Stop asking questions on What’s Mine? And This is Whose?

When a person moves out of the rat race,
That’s when anger is wiped out of his life’s phase.

Leave anger and work for a solution,
The great god will give you the right intuition

He who does not nurture anger, lives a life that is so fine!
The Lord is seen in him, as he manifests just like the divine!

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