Everybody told me to be careful with him that he is not what he seem's to be and that he is an dangerious man but what did they know they bearly know him at all and they don't know what he's really like from inside and out all they know is what they have been told, by other's

and they think they know every little thing about him but they don't.

We met through a friend of a friend at first i thought he was a little strange and odd but i blew it off because everybody is different when you'r first meeting them we sat down at the bar to start talking, and get to know one another better through talking.

He sounded like an decent type of man he was very respectful kind and honest and what he had said sounded like it was comming from deep within his heart and soul but little did i know what had happend, that night would have happend the way it did.

We left the bar to go somewhere quiet and to talk without all the loud crowd being around when we headed out the door he stoped me and got infront of me and open the door like a true gentleman should, have at first it sent a bad vibe down my spine the way he rushed infront of me.

Heading out to his truck he kept looking behind him to see if anybody was following us i didn't think much of it so i looked at him and smiled and he had this sparkle look in his eye's i've herd he has been through alot of pain, and hurt but i never knew what would have happend that night after we left the bar was to happend.

We got to his truck and he opend the door for me and waited until i got settled in the truck and he shut my door rushed to his side of the truck got in as quickly as possible and slammed and locked, the doors again i thought nothing of it.

So we started heading away from the parking lot of the bar and he started to speed up a little bit faster i just thought maybe he has alway's drove this way but he didn't slow down we came to an redlight, and he slammed on his brake's makeing my stomach tie in knot's.

We finnaly made it to where we was going and when we had pulled up he was still acting like the gentleman he was in the begining of the meet he got out of the truck and walked over to my side and, slowly open the door and let me out.

He told me he had an wonderful time tonight and he wishes this night would never have to end and then he closed my door and gave me the key to the hotel room that he had rented for the night, he told me go in make myself at home and he'll be in when he get's the stuff out of the truck.

I walked into the room and notice there was one king size bed the lights was off so i tryed switching on the light's it took it a minute to come on but it came on and he walked up behind me, with an black leather bag.

He told me to close my eye's he has something specialy for me so i did as i was told to do he reached in the bag and grab the blindfold and put it over my eye's where i couldn't see nothing, but pitch black he threw me on the bed with my leggs tied and hands behind my back.

He turned up the radio as loud as it would go so nobody could hear my scream or cry for help then he grabbed a knife out of his bag and started cutting my clothe's off with the knife peice's by peice's, the whole time it was happending i kept hearing my friend's voice saying

becareful over and over.

I preyed the lord if i ever escape from this i will not just brush off what my friend's tell me and i will listen to the message more clearly and i'm sorry for being the way i was toward's her, i wonder how could this happend i'm only 21 year's old and he looked like he was only 27.

When i got free i grabbed the knife and gashed him in the knee makeing him fall to his knee's

and ran out the door and called the police and told them what had happend, the police arrived at the place and found out he was in his late 50's and told me i was one of the

lucky one's i made it out alive.

It's been 7 year's later and i've moved out and started a new life and now i watch behind me every step i take and i never leave my house alone i don't even go out to have fun anymore i still wish i would have, listen to what my friend's told me that night.

Maybe i would not have had to go through that pain and all those hour's of fearing for my life a few day's have passed and i get a phone call from an person i have never herd of in my life and his voice, was so rusty and he whisperd the word's "i'm back".

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By:Heather F.

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