Soul Mates

~Soul Mates~

Soul Mates once

is what i thought

we was, it

seemed so pefect in

the beginning.

How could it have

all went down hill

so fast and, loosing

everything so quickly.

When we first met you stole

my heart and made me feel

those feeling's, that i never

thought existed inside of me.

Here goes almost 3year's

down the road and i still

wonder how could we

have been soulmate's,

and now to the point

where we can not

stand one another/family.

I said i loved you and i was

never going to leave you and

i'm not but sometime's i wonder,

if it was acturly "soulmates" or

was it just suppose to happend

for a reason.

There are time's at night and day

that all i think about is wanting out

of it all so much, but there's no

turning back now we have a little

one on the way we have to think and

worry about.

What was once felt like nothing or

nobody in the entire world could tear

apart or come between, now just feels

like a have to be in it for the baby.

I thought you'r family was alright at

first you'r mom sounded like an type

of lady i could, get along with and

you'r family seemed like the type

that was alot like mines.

Now i'm starting to think and wonder

how could they be this cold hearted

i never thought, i would hate my soulmate's

family or dislike them as much as i do you'rs

at time's.

I wan't you to know i still love you

and i'm trying my hardest to hold on

and make this realtionship, work

because i wan't you to be my soulmate

and my husband forever but that does

not mean, that i have to love you'r family.

By: Heather Feazel


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about me and my boyfriend "now" and,
we have our FIRST child on the way.

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