NightMare From Hell

The night become's so cold and so frighten the voice's in her head she can not control the wind blowing the chimes and making it even more louder than before so frighten she crawl's under her bed and try's to lock out all the sound's and the voice's inside her head but every minute that passes by, she just get's more frighten and more scared.

She hear's loud voices inside her head and children crying and screaming in fear but she can't seem to block out all the sound's so she close's her eye's and trys to sleep but she see's the, kids crying inside her dream with bloody hand's and cut's all over there body she start's to wonder what has happend to them.

She can't seem to move past this part of her dream and she try's even more harder to block them out and just try to sleep but the dream's feel so real that when she open's her eye's she can still see the little kid's, standing over her with razor blade's in there hand's and they start to cut themselve so deep.

She's still not able to wake up and see that it was all just a dream but then it happend's again this time the kid's pull her so far into her dream that she can't escape from the dream she tell's herselve this is just a dream and if i wanted to i could wake up just like that so the kid's tell her please don't leave us you'r all we have and if you, leave were have nothing or nobody else left.

She fight's with all her might and power and she finnaly awake's from the nightmare with chill's running down her spine and she say's to herselve it was all just an terrible nightmare but it's over now and then moment's after that she dozes back off and a few second's letter she hear's these terrible sound's all over again, but this time it's like claw's scrapping against a metal pipe and she start's to get freaked out but this time she can not wake up and she can't outrun what's haunting her in the dream.

She finnaly face's up to the creature who is haunting her and she notice's that he's wearing an green and red stripped xmas sweat shirt and she start's to scream as loud as she can but no one seem's to be able to hear her scream's she's so frighten that she may not make it out of the dream this time alive so she just start's yelling and screaming, but this time he does not take no for an answer so with his glove made out of knives he slash's her open and starts to eat at her skull and then she finnaly find's a way out and she start's kiking and screaming and then the nightmare come's to an end and she awake's with tear's rolling down her her face and her nightshirt all riped into and huge cut's across her chest and body.

By:Heather Feazel


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