Terror In The Dark

Take a look at what you done to me look deep inside of my soul the girl you once knew who wasn't afraid of anything and who could close her eye's, and see nothing in the world could harm her but now every time she closes her eye's  all she can see is darkness and hatred.

The girl you once knew who was so peaceful and happy not afraid of anything now can't seem to fall asleep at night because she's paranoid, that even in her drea

ms you'll come after her.

The girl you once knew wasn't afraid to show her face in public and not afraid to meet new people now stay's inside locked in her bedroom because she's so frighting that the, police will find her and lock her up or that you will follow her and try to kill her like you are always threating to do.

The girl who was so happy and who always had a smile upon her face now walk's around with the world  on her chest and is always cutting herselve, because the guy she once loved and still does want's nothing to do with her.

She now sleep's with an knife under her pillow because she's afraid that you may come to her house late at night and try to kill her she cry's every night and she's constantly shaking and when she finnaly does fall asleep she wakes up, in tear's and shaking all over she finnaly get's fed up with it all and she start's to cut but this time she cuts to deep and she can't stop the blood from flowing.

The morning arrives and she's not waking up nobody or nothing can seem to wake her up and then her family notices a letter on her table that written "you tryed to kill me and you scared me so bad that i wanted to brake free from it all even from you, so before you get the chance to do it i did it for you so please the one's i love don't cry for me because i was already dead befored i ended it".

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