Glass Tears

You told me youd never loved me and that you never cared about me but what about all those time's you would come over and stay for hours sometime's untill 12 midnight, you made me so happy and you made my life so much better when you was around.

You said you never wan't to talk to me or see me again and you said that we never had anything togeather but how come i'm the only one who seem's to, see thing's differnt i may be wrong but wasn't it you who asked me out and who begged me could you come over and meet my family.

Now you say you don't wan't anything to do with me or even see me and i need to leave you alone but i can't because i fell for you and i fell for, all of you'r lie's and you'r charming smile.

You said you would never hurt me and you'r not like the rest and that you love me and you'r never leave me but i was stupiod enough to fall for it again, you are the most imporant thing in my life and the only one i have tooken as much hell off of.

You said you'r not like the rest and that you'r not an player and when you'r with a person than she's the only girl you are with and think about and again i fell for it the way kissed me and held me in you'r arm's just felt so real and so right and like i finnaly have found someone, who acturly loved me and didn't need me to change.

Here lately all i seem to be doing is crying everynight before i go to bed i even wake up crying and my heart and chest hurt's so bad all i do is dream about you and see you'r face everywhere i go even tho you'r not there.

I don't see how you can love me for months and then turn around and say you never cared about me and never loved me i thought we was so happy and that you really cared about me but i guess i was to blinded by you'r charm and the way you acted around me as if i was the only girl in you'r heart everyone always asked me why do i take all this hell off of you and how, come i just don't end it right now but the truth is i love you and i never stoped loving you even tho there was time's where i wanted to kill myselve or you but i knew we could get through the problem's.

Everyone was alway's in our problem's and they never let us deal with our problems alone they always found an way to get into our live's and try to control us but we alway's seemed to make it through and how everytime we was togeather you always said i love you but now you say you didn't mean it and that i was just some, girl you used for sex how can you mess with someone's emotion's and their heart when you left me you tore my heart into an million piece's and you never once had any guilt inside you about doing me this way.

Now everytime i'm alone all i can do is think about you and whenever i fall asleep you always on my mind and it just make's it harder because i love you so much and i know i can not have you back i'm not even you'r friend anymore you said i'm the one who fuck's up but the way i see it you'r the one who fucked up you could have been honest in the start, but you had to go find your selve someone else i never gave my heart to anyone as much as i did you i loved you more than i loved my own life i would have done anything for you.

By:Heather Rae Feazel


Glass Tears

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Hurt And Pain

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