the unspoken truth

Everything's faded everything's turned to black and day's seem shorter and the night seem longer the cloud's are turning into black fog right before my very, own eye's my tear's i shed fall down as blood drop's from an deep open cut.

The day you left took away alot of thing's i had inside of me it took away my bright cheerful smile when you left all my hope left right along with you, and people don't come by anymore they don't even call just to say hello.  

We once had it all and i was once happy i was further up than the sky above us when you said those word's something inside of me died, and when you walked away and not even carring my heart shatterd into a million peice's.

Everyone say's i'm better off without you and how i could have done alot better than you but no one can see the pain upon my face and no one can see the cold black heart inside of me that was once filled with joy every sense the day you left me  i have been just, one big mess.

They say i will forget about all the thing's we had done togeather and i'll find someone who love's me as much as i love them but i don't see that happing and i can't picture that for one second of my life, living without you is like not being able to breathe and not being able to come out of a comma.

I still can't belive you done the thing's you did to me and i am trying so hard to find way's to block out all the memory's and all the happy moment's, we spent and the tear's that i have cryed over you just because you couldn't make up you'r mind wich one you wanted to be with.

I wake up every morning still expecting thing's be back to the way they use to be when you would call me and say hello and that you love me and you are comming, over everytime the phone ring's i think it's you and my heart starts racing faster and faster.

It's hard to fall asleep at night now because i miss you so much and it's tearing me up on the inside for me to live without you and some people would say i act like you'r a drug that is, hard to come off of but they don't know how bad it hurt's and they will never know what we had.

Everyone ask's me how can i still love you after all the hell and pain you caused me but i'm alway's wondering what if they was around us all the time and what if, they had saw how happy i was instead of just mouthing stuff off and telling me i can do better than you.

I wonder what would have became of us and if we would have made it through the last big problem that was sent our way and what if we was suppose beat it and, you just let it overcome our love.

How would you feel if you was on the other side and you was the one having wake up eachday and crying on the inside half of the day and not being able, let it out would you have gotten pissed off if i was the one who had done this to you or would you just forgive me and look deep inside of my soul and know what i was feeling.

You said you would never let nobody or nothing come between what we have and no matter how hard they try to brake our bond we have that is stronger than, any love on this earth that you would stop it before it even come's between us.

The night's are worthless the moon doesn't even look the same and the sun doesn't shine down on me anymore and when people look at me i wonder, if all they can see is the girl who fell inlove with an guy who didn't know what he wanted or a girl who has lost her only chance at being happy.

They tell me that this will pass but i find it hard to believe when my heart is filled with sadness and my eye's do nothing but pour tear's down my face like, an storm comming in and the rain falls harder by the minute.

I use to wake up in the happiest mood's i could remember when you would come over and we would be togeather in my room just watching tv or laughing or you would, be freestyling off of something hanging on my wall.

You could alway's make me laugh and you always brought a smile to my face even when the worse has happend in my life and i lost one of my family members that i cared about, i remember the time we talked on the phone around one in the morning and i was so upset because what has just happend and you tryed everything to get me to laugh.

Then finnaly you said something really stupiod and it wasn't even funny but it somehow made me burst out laughing and a huge smile came across my face.

I can remember all the time's you held me close and the night you whisperd into my ear that you fixed the one problem we had that came between us and i was so happy, i felt my body just float in some way's because the one thing i had resting onto of my chest like a heavy brick you had gotten rid of it for good.

I can remember all the time's you held me close and the night you whisperd into my ear that you fixed the one problem we had that came between us and i was so happy, i felt my body just float in some way's because the one thing i had resting onto of my chest like a heavy brick you had gotten rid of it for good.

Then it happend's and something goes wrong and were fighting and we get to the point where neither one of us can stand the other but deep down inside i know i still love you and that, this feeling can never change or no one else will be able to take you'r place.

I would go to bed early at night just so i could wake up before noon and i would be able see you and hear you'r voice i remember the first time i saw you, i thought i could never have anyone like you and that you was to perfect and to good for me but you changed the way's i thought you made me see that i had someone i could depend on and someone who would love me just as much as i would them.

Then the day arrived where we was doing nothing using harsh word's to eachother and wishing for the day we met that it would have never happend i still from this day, do not know why this happend and how come you had have me and someone else.

I thought i was the luckiest girl on the earth because i had found the one i loved and the one wanted to be with for the rest of my life you even asked me would, i be the mother of you'r child  and would i go with you to get you'r kid back.  

I wonder what all happend to that did we just let it all fade away when we let everyone get in the middle of our problem's and the girl who tryed comming between us finnaly did what she set out to do, she said i would never have you and you will never love me again because you have someone better and you love her and you never really cared about me.

Tell me something was it all just a dream or did i make it up or did we really have an realtionship because in my mind and memmory's i can still see, the day that we first kissed and the time's you use to hold me in you'r arm's and tell me that everything will be okay because you love me and you'r never hurt me.

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The Unspoken Truth
By:Heather Feazel.


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