I pormise you no matter what they do, or say that i'll always have you'r back. I swear no matter how hard they try make you choose between you'r family or the one you love i'll be, by you'r side helping you through it. I promise i'll try my best to be there for you whenever you, need an friend to talk to. I promise no matter what they say or do i'll try help you through all you'r problems. I promise no matter how hard they try to make you stay away from, the one you love i'll be by you'r side and try work things out where you'r always get be around the one you love. I promise no matter what they do or say how much they threatin you to take away the, one person you truly love i'll try get you out of it. I promise i'll never let a bad thing happend to you or let no one harm you, and i promise that the one you love will always be there for you. Don't worry when people look down on you and start question you about him and you and why are yall togeather and how it's not normal, you'r happy now and you haven't been happy in so long and i think it's about time someone walked into you'r life that can make you feel like you'r on top of the world and the happiest girl in the world so never give up on you and him yall can make it work out i promise.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

This to my neice she's verry, bright and smart child who has had. A messed up childhood she's only 12, but she's had act grown up every sense she was 2.

I Love You "Daughter"

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