Waiting On My Angel

There is this guy who is so sweet and so passionate that he would, give anything just to be loved again so he closes his eye's and preys to god to please send him an angel of his very own. The next day the guy wake's up and there's an letter sitting on his table by his bed and it read's, dear son i heard you loud and clear last night and i wanted to let you know that you'r message got to me love you'r father. The guy didn't think much of it an few day's later passed and the guy is walking down the road and see's this young beautiful girl, broken down in the middle of nowhere so he walk's over and helps her get to an safe place she look's up at him and ask's him how can i ever repay you sir. Then he saw this bright shinnging light and she tell's him sir don't worry about me repaying you back for helping me, because last night you'r message did come through loud and clear he look's into her eye's and see's his sould and his life inside her. He ask's her if she would like to come back to his place for something to eat and maybe an cup of coffee or tea, she looks into his eye's and say's thank you i would like that very much so so they get into his car and drive back to his place and talk and she finnaly end's up telling him. I'm the one you preyed for and asked for all you'r life so what i said before about you'r message came through loud and clear, was right because your verry own angel is standing infront of you before you'r verry own eye's.

Waiting On My Angel

By:Heather R Feazel.


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