The Little Girl

Little girl crys out at night for her mommy, the dreams she's having isn't quiet plesant at all in her dream's her mommy come's along and starts hitting her upside the head. She cry's out to her mommy to please stop it's hurting her so bad in her dream that she can feel it outside her dream, her mommy doesn't hear her scream or see her tear's. She try's once more to get her mommy to quit beating on her and to calm down but once again her mommy, can not see her tear's or feel her pain and she grabs for another drink with an belt in one hand and an drink in the other. The nightmare start's all over again this time the little girl is frighting that she may not make it through the night, and her mommy looks into her eye's and starts yelling at her. She begs and pleads to her mommy that she didn't mean to upset her and please don't do it mommy i promise i never make you mad again, but this time it's to late and her mommy take's it a little to far the little girl is laying on the floor with blood pouring out of her body. The little girl's mom finnaly come's to her sense's and realizes what she has done to her little girl, and starts to cry and the little girl with bearly enough strenght reaches out to her mommy and say's why did you do this to me i love you and i didn't mean to upset you mommy please forgive me i'm sorry.

By Heather R Feazel.

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