Painfull Love

Laying here thinking about how it use to be when everyone gotten along and no one was fighting, but i close my eye's and try to ignore all the fighting and all the dramma. I use to wake up so damn happy and ready to start my day but here lately all i wan't to do is sleep and never wake up agian, but if only that would make all the fighting disapear i'm at the point where i wish i would have never met you. I wan't my new life at least, there was no dramma or fighting i wish you would just move to texas and never contact me for anything. Just when it was all getting back to normal but i guess that's asking just a little to much, i'm so sick to my stomach and all i do is shake just for one month i wish me and jeremy h, can switch places but that would mean i would be dead and he would be alive and back with his family wich is where he belong's he doesn't belong to be dead.

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