Second Chance

There is this guy who is completely empty and dark inside but on the outside he puts on an big front and, smiles just so no one can see the pain that's burried inside his soul.

He try's so hard to be prefect and to make everyone happy but deep down inside he's all twisted up and, has all these mixed emotion's.

He act's as if he's the best guy in this world and as if nothing or no one can harm him he say's that he's tired of being alone and tired of getting screwd over,but he doesn't know what to do when he find's someone who worships the ground he walk's on.

He looks at this girl walking down the street and smiles at her and she smiles back, but he can't help but wonder if she is like the rest of them that alway's turn their back on him and leaves.

He try's not to do her like he's been done but it's hard for him not to do her like he's been done but it's hard for him to not do this because, of all the terrible thought's that keep running thru his head so he finnaly get's fed up with all the mixed emotion's and the heart ache so once again he turn's the other way and leaves.

Month's later he find's out that she was not like the rest and she has alway's been by his side, so he get's an second chance and this time it's  meant to be they get married and a few month's later she end's up pregant.

He try's to teach his little daughter that true love is hard to find and once you find your true love you better, not let this one slip through you'r hand's or you may not get an second chance at love again.

"Heather Feazel"

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