My Dearest Friend

Whatever happend the guy i use to know the guy who would do anything for everyone the guy who, would stay with me whenever  i had a problem and would see me thru my though time's.

Whatever happend to the guy who was alway's wearing a smile upon his face even, when his world stop turning round.

Whatever happend to the guy who who made all those promises to me, that he would never leave my side.

He promised me that no matter what happends that he will always be around but now he's gone for good, why did he promise all those thing's if he can not count on being around forever.

I'm dying inside and he's the only one who can save me from death i promised him alot, of thing's and i kept my word on all of the thing's i promised but when  i needed  him the keep one little promise he made me he can't keep it because he's not around.

Isn't a friend  suupose always be near whenever you need them the most he made promises he knew he couldn't keep he said word's  he knew wasn't from his heart.

Now  i'm left here wondering if he will ever come back and if we will ever be friend's, again like how we was in the start we was so close that nobody or nothing could come between us.

I still love him as a friend a little more because no matter what happend or who tryed to tear us apart, we always seemed to make it work out somehow but now i feel so alone and so lost  and cold shaking in the middle of the night because i can not have you near.

You said you would never leave my side and that you will alway's care no matter what happend but now i see that kind of, hard to  believe sense your never around you never call anymore not even to say hi or see how i am holding up sense you'r not here anymore.

I lost my bestfriend even tho you didn't pass away you just  moved it feel's like you, have left my life for good.

I just wanted to let you know one last thing before something, happend's i love you and i couldn't have asked for a better human being to enter my life thank's for always being here for me and those lat night's i called you when something was bothering me.

You never got mad or upset  at me for calling you all the time's i did you never once bit my head off and told me, i need to quit calling you so late i could not have asked for a better person to come into my life  i love you my one true bestfriend/more in the whole world.

You never knew just how happy you made me just by hearing you'r voice i knew deep down inside, that i had something to live for and someone who loved and cared about me so much.

With all that you have done for me i wanted to say thank you and i love you very much, and there's not a day  that passes by that i do not miss you or think about you.

You was my best friend and now i lost you but i had to say one last thing i love you no matter what happend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rest In Peace Jeremy Hazlinsky, 6-19-02

i was thinking bout, my friend who died and some how my ex boyfriend poped into my mind so this is an werid poem!

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