So Young, yet so Old

You see a little girl standing in the middle of you'r floor who had to act grown at an young age you hear all these people around you, talk about how she's out of control but did anyone think that maybe if her mom cared just a little more about her that maybe she wouldn't have turned out like this. The little girl had to grow up so fast at such an young age that, she doesn't know what it's like to be  a kid anymore. You hear people talk about how if she was thire daughter that she would not be acting the way she  does, but i wonder how they feel if they was in her place. Her mamma bearly around her daddy passing away when she was 2 yrs old thinking that nobody really love's her being picked on when she goes to schoool, she never really could depend on anyone and the one person she trust and count's on people said how it was not normal for a guy to be the way he is towards her. She had watched her mom go thru hell with every guy her mom got with she watched her mom move  one guy in after another, she watched her mom get beat on and almost killed. The sad thing is she's alway's has a smile upon her face like she, has no problem in the world but make it even more sad the little girl has started taking pill's to relive the stress and make herself calm down and sleep at night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is MY poem, about someone i know  i'm verry close to.

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