Words Unspoken

Togeather forever is what you told me in the first few month's we was togeather you said you would always love me, but here lately all we seem to be doing is fighting.

You say you will always love me no matter what happend's then one day some other girl look's you'r way, and start's to tell you all theses thing's and she make's you think about alot of stuff.

It's been week's sense we have talked and month's sense i have seen you, tell me one thing how can you sit there and tell me that we will be togeather forever when you have no idea that you or i will still feel this way forever.

People ask me how can i still love you after all the pain and hell you put me through but i guess they don't see and they never will see it inside my heart, just how much i still love you and how much you mean to me.

There will always be a huge part of me way deep inside that will always love you no matter what happend's you will forever and alway's be apart of me but the sad thing is, you was the first guy i ever slept with and the first guy who has played me like this you couldn't be man enough to face your fear's and face me and talk to me about our problem's so why am i still hurting from the past and still stuck in the past that i can not move forward.

How can you sit there and say you will feel this way forever when you don't know if you or i will fall out of love with eachother i used to think you walked on water i thought you was some kind of god, but now i know the real you now i know you don't care about anyone else but you'rself.

You use to tell me how much you loved me and how much you was happy that we found eachother but here lately when i look back onto the past all i can see is lie's and i still don't see how you could have sat there, told me that you loved me and looked into my eye's while your telling me this and it all be an lie.

How could we be happy one moment and depressed the next you use to call me you use to come over and see me even as friend's you would still call me and you would still stop by, but now day's it just seem's like you don't wan't to have anything to do with me not even our friendship i used to think no matter what happend i would be fine because as long as i didn't loose you all togeather then i be happy.

Here it way down the road and you'r back once again i was so happy you was back but now i just wished you would have never came back you make it to where i can't sleep can't eat can't do nothing, because rather you wan't to belive it or not i really did love you but now i could care less what you do or who you'r with i just hope she is strong enough to not get hurt by you'r word's and action's you had it so good but i'm moving on and  forgetting the past and all the memory's i have inside of me about you and me goodbye forever.

By:Heather Feazel



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Word's Unspoken!

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