Forbidden Love

You'r eye's shine like star's in the dark sky you'r skin is like a new born baby's so soft and smoothed, you'r kisses are like the rain so pure and soft.

I love to stand outside in the rain with you while the rain drop's fall upon you'rs and my, lips while kissing.

I love the sound of you'r voice and the warmth of you'r soul that i can feel everytime you'r near me, you'r the one that i have alway's wanted and always waited on to walk into my life.

You'r so perfect for me in everyway there are no word's that could express, my love for you i trust you with everything i have i would lay my life in the palm of you'r hand's.

I wan't you to be the one i grow old with and the one i end up spending the rest of my life with, i wanted to let you know just how much i love you baby.

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