You think you'r so cool and so damn fine and you think that you can get any girl you wan't but when you do finnaly find the girl, and she tell's you. how much she love's you It's like you don't even care who you hurt you played around with the love i gave you and now, you expect me to give you a second chance you was the first guy i made love to and the only guy i wan't to be with and live out the rest of my life with.  I thought i needed you just to stay alive and there was a time when all i could do was cry and miss you, but now i realize i can base my life on me & and my life. If were not meant to be than i must try to find a way to move on even if it's tearing me apart inside to see you, with another girl.

By  Heather F. Feazel  12-20-03

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something i was feeling one night along with, anger and hurt so i wrote it down and it's to someone...

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