Something Special

I don't know how it happend or what exactly happend but i just started having those feeling's for you and i guess the reason i been so moody to you, is because it's hard for me to express my feeling's but you just sorta grew on me i don't recall when or the date nor the time all i know is i'm glad those feeling's happend. You listen and you talk to me when other's won't you take time out of your life and sit here patiently you'r like no one i ever seen before your different from all the rest of the people, you acturly care enough about people and there feeling's to not judge them from the outside i try to think of way's i could tell you without scaring you away but when i do i just draw a blank. I'm longing for your touch and your soft voice and the warmth i feel whenever your near, it's like you can read my soul and mind you open up so many doors and brighten my life up so much. I do not even know where or how to begin the way i'm feeling whenever were talking for a moment it's like an angel is talking to me whenever were talking, I wish i could show you just how much you make my life better just knowing your always going to be here for me is a blessing from god himself  but your alot better than god. Your more than money could buy your better than any story ever read to people your better than life it self, I don't think i could have asked for a better person to come along when we first met and started talking i just knew there was something about you deep inside that i would love. You showed me so many great thing's in my life, you showed me how to love the person for who they are and how to accept thing's as they came and gone. You truly are a gift from god and i'm so thankful that we met and became friend's i would do anything for you and i wan't you to know that i will always love and care about you even if we aint friend's in the end.







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