The Affair

He lived right next door to us he was always there and you was always on the road.

I was alone every night you asked him, to look out for me while you was away.

You called me everyday and said how much you loved me but one night, you didn't call and i got lonely and he was there whenever i needed somebody.

So that night i called him and he came over and he satisfied me in everyway possible, this went on for week's at a time.

Then one night you called me and we started talking and all i could think about was Mark the dude i was having an affair with, and you told me that you was comming home the next day.

You didn't show up until midnight that night, so i called mark and asked him could he come over and he showed up at 10:30pm. I heard a truck door close but i asked mark did he hear a door slam and he said no, so i did not think anything about it.

You walked into the house and had a drink in your had, and you looked at me and your best friend lying there in mine and your bed.

Then you turned around and walked out, i never knew that an affair could cause this much pain.

I tryed calling mark but everytime i called i just got his answering machine, all i wanted was to feel loved again but i never knew it could end the way it did.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i don't know how to comment on this poem, picture you as being the lady and your husband was always out of town. You got lonely what would you do??

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